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HVAC Control

Building Automation Systems (BMS/BEMS) have undergone major changes in the last 10 years in regards to their processing power, communication protocols and connectivity capabilities. The systems of today are for the most part unrecognisable from those of 15-20 years ago, however more importantly the systems that are now being installed shall need to be adaptable and have the capability to be integrated into the systems of the future.

The infrastructure of any building automation system is vitally important and again requires correct design and layout to provide adaptability and compatibility for ease of future expansion and change. This concept does not just simply mean the cabling and networking hardware but also the communication protocols of the system devices and gateways to be used.

SGCI have at all times kept abreast of these ever changing trends and latest technologies, ensuring that products from our approved technology partners within the industry comply with not just current requirements but those of next year and the years beyond that. The days of having to upgrade and replace building management systems and their often incompatible and proprietary controls in full every 5-10 years should really be a thing of the past!

With SGCI you can ensure that you have a key partner within your projects team to deliver fully compatible and future proof building automation systems. Our solutions cover a varied and scalable range of applications for efficient control of building services within small, medium and larger premises.

In addition to our solutions aimed at commercial and industrial type buildings we offer automation and control systems for residential customers with smart, effective and user friendly home automation products to increase living comfort and reduce energy consumption within the intelligent home.

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