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Building Automation
HVAC Control

You can’t control it if you don’t monitor it!

Our metering solutions cater for all types of incoming utilities such as electricity, water, gas as well as heat meters and local sub-meters for the monitoring of PV’s (Photo-Voltaic), heat pumps, micro-generation plant and more including Smart Metering for multi-tenanted buildings where tenant billing is required.

Meters using communication standards such as Modbus and M-bus technology or standard type S0-pulse output meters can be incorporated into our solutions providing end users with integration into an existing or other SGCI supplied BMS application.

Further integration into enterprise level applications for automatic e-billing and third party AM&T (Automatic Monitoring & Targeting) and ERP software is also possible along with user visualisation of current, historical and predictive energy usage levels.

Energy dashboards are also available and our solutions for these can be readily adapted to any user specific requirements along with data trending of energy usage to identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved upon.

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